A new agency model in digital marketing

We want to solve one particular pain in the digital marketing model of work: getting a marketing campaign implemented and running with as little complication and compromise as possible

A new agency model in digital marketing
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We want to solve one particular pain in the digital marketing model of work: getting a marketing campaign implemented and running with as little complication and compromise as possible.

Having worked more than 8 years in the digital marketing development we have found that the information needed and the integration of several marketing tools is still causing endless discussions between organizations and marketing agencies. It's also costing more than needed to get to the eyes and ears of customers due to the many complications of establishing a profitable relationship between teams.

We have decided to solve exactly this with a new marketing production model based on supporting organizations with human experts who are backed by a reliable, comprehensive marketing automation platform that speeds up the implementation and provides all the integrated tools that matter to get the message out there and convert.

ReachOut App is our new offering dedicated to creative and design marketing teams within marketing agencies or marketing departments in commercial organizations. It's based on providing access to the best tools and infrastructure together with implementation and marketing production services that are optimized thanks to a wide adoption and repetition. It's the productized service that we believe is strongly needed by the industry.

While creative marketing agencies focus on the communication strategy, copywriting, design, branding and consultancy to organizations, ReachOut App is the production team that executes the plan with high efficiency and dependability.

We do so with a straightforward offering: a monthly fee to get access to the platform and get the support of the expert team, plus a fee for sending out emails, sms and serving web landing pages.

Our offering

We set up a dedicated, secure database hosted in Switzerland and connecting it to the output channels for personalized emails, sms and web pages. We offer custom development services to larger customers needing custom integrations with marketing tools such as existing CRM softwares, as well as the option to host the marketing database on-premises for meeting customer requirements on security and privacy.

The monthly platform cost starts at $199 (or CHF 182) and includes the database, the analytics, full encryption, the email, sms and web personalization system, as well as the ongoing support from our experts team.

We are dedicated to supporting customers in a semi-automated and efficient way: you can connect with our team and upload your existing data, mockups, sketches, briefs. In general, anything to get started with. We'll ask questions and set up the campaign for you and then run it while monitoring results and suggesting optimizations.

If you have felt the pain of trying to do everything yourself using a variety of tools such as email marketing platforms, a CMS with plugins, or trying to build something custom (and going over budget!), we believe that ReachOut App is the solution that meets demands and creates efficiency.

Get started

We aim at making things simple and have an educative approach: our expert team will be in touch once an account is created. Our Private Beta members who have contributed with their feedback and early participation will get 6,000 free emails per month to get them started with us. Sign up today and we'll be in touch to get you set up within 24 hours.

If you wish to discuss more or have questions we are there to help. Contact us and submit your brief. Make sure to include as much information as you think it's needed: what the plan is, what's the product, the data currently available, any existing material or design. Everything helps to tailor a solution that works for the long term and converts more while you focus on your business.