Join us in a video user survey on digital marketing

Join us in a video user survey on digital marketing

We have been busy designing and prioritizing features for our digital marketing platform and we now need you!

In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Chur – we are now gathering user feedback on existing digital marketing tools and workflows. The goal is to determine what the most common pains are in terms of launching and managing digital marketing campaigns across several channels, including email marketing.

The complexity and fragmentation of the digital marketing software space requires integration and rethinking how systems can share data in order to inform decisions with the ultimate goal of making communication relevant and achieving a higher conversion rate.

We specifically look for insights from marketing agencies and marketers working in medium to large B2C enterprises in Switzerland. Your contribution is essential to validate some of our assumptions and prioritize our efforts toward reducing complexity and increasing results. We will also select a few private beta testers among responders who will have the opportunity to try our platform first and provide feedback that will be taken into consideration for our product launch this year.

Join us today by completing the survey – we will be looking at all answers and be in touch soon with ideas and access to the private beta.