Marketing automation platform

Marketing automation platform

We have been quiet for a few weeks now and a lot has been happening. It’s time to give you an update on our plans and get you involved.

Reach Out Labs GmbH has finalized the plans to build a marketing automation platform that will leverage multiple sources of data to drive marketing campaigns aiming at engaging the existing audience, expanding the reach on several media including web, email and social, and converting prospects into customers while retaining existing ones.

We have been designing the product and finalizing our partnerships in order to build a platform aiming at helping businesses of all sizes starting from Switzerland. We will then expand at the international level while keeping an eye on the local specifics. We want to build a product that is self explanatory, open and reliable. The platform will onboard marketing agencies as partners for the implementation of marketing campaigns across digital channels.

Reach Out App will be available to a selected group of customers and partners – this approach will lead to a stronger feedback loop aiming at refining the features and prioritizing the roadmap.

We are not planning to release a roadmap just now: we’d love to put the platform in the hands of experienced professionals and get their advice first. We are therefore calling all marketing agencies and marketing professionals willing to collaborate with us to reach out and let us know how you could use our platform and what you could offer to improve the product.

Reach Out App aims at supporting marketing decisions by providing automated analysis and tips based on the available data, as well as offering a content strategy itself to inform and educate users on the potential of digital marketing campaigns and the use of integrated tools with full access to the customer data.

As we mainly focus on robustness and data protection, we will be building the platform in a secure Swiss-based infrastructure. Enterprise customers will get a custom build allowing to keep the data on premises and build the data exchange using state of the art encryption and data security.

Reach Out Studio will continue to offer customers with content strategy and marketing implementation services. The ultimate goal will be to establish a core group of customers willing to implement the Reach Out App enterprise version in their workflow, gaining a preferential status in the product feature planning process and special one-to-one support.