You are invited. ReachOut App beta program available to select customers

We are happy to announce that we are opening our beta program to marketing agencies and organizations who will be happy to test the ReachOut App and provide feedback while having the opportunity of suggesting features.

As a special welcome bonus to our beta users, we will apply a 36,000 emails credit to cover for the first six months of email campaigns

ReachOut App is a new Swiss-based digital marketing automation platform that focuses on data and privacy. It aims at enabling relevant communication between brands and customers thanks to the deep customer knowledge provided by the data-based approach. The platform includes encrypted and secure databases that support marketing campaigns across web pages, emails, sms and print.

The first supported channels are emails and web pages. We aim at providing an integrated platform where the user data fuels email and web page personalizations, and further data is written back to the databases to better target further relevant communications across campaigns.

Join today by signing up for an account at

Registered users will be contacted by our account manager to offer access to the platform, dedicated onboarding and tailored support. Marketing Agencies will be able to enter our revenue share and partnership agreement.

Pricing and plans

ReachOut App's pricing is simple and straightforward. Creating an account and unlimited organizations is free forever.
Campaigns are offered in three versions: Startup (free forever), Grow ($20/month) and Pro ($700/month).

  • Startup campaigns allow to run unlimited touch points, send an unlimited number of emails and serve an unlimited number of web pages. Databases are limited to 500MB. Emails and web pages are billed per thousand at the end of each month
  • Grow campaigns remove the database limits, benefit from lower cost per thousand emails and web pages, and include ticket-based technical support
  • Pro campaigns are meant to provide a superior experience with end-to-end technical, business and implementation support. We also consult on best-practices and offer dedicated account management and monthly meetings

Our unique approach gathers from 8 years of experience working with large and medium-size customers in Europe and the US, providing campaign implementation and working with large databases and a variety of challenges. We currently deliver millions of emails per month for our customers; ReachOut App moves from the implementation and tailored service to provide a Saas approach available to customers of any size, while giving marketing agencies a whole new set of tools to increase customer revenue and conversions while saving time in building complex business logic.

We also offer enterprise solutions and custom implementations. If you wish to discuss a special project with us, let us know by email