This is what an email marketing campaign looks like

ReachOut App is a platform built around data that allows to send automated email marketing campaigns that use data to personalize the message. Campaigns will expand their capabilities to dynamic web pages, personalized messages and print.

This is what an email marketing campaign looks like

Many marketing departments and agencies struggle with the complexity of managing multiple data sources for running email marketing campaigns. Excel documents, CSV files and even databases containing recipient information need to be used and updated often, whereas most the email marketing platforms require to upload a list for each campaign. The limitations also prevent marketeers from using customer data from multiple campaigns to inform further communciation with personalizations and filters.

ReachOut App provides email marketing capabilities with a data-first approach. A data source, or database table, is in fact available to all campaigns and can also be shared across multiple accounts or departments within a large organization. Sending an email campaign requires selecting the recipient list and filtering a segment if needed. ReachOut App will also personalize the email message with any field from the database, and deliver the campaign to inboxes thanks to its high-deliverability capabilities.

The platform is being used to deliver more than 90 million emails a month, and the undelivered rate (bounces, spam complaints, spam filters) is below 0.05% across all our customers. Our largest customers also benefit from dedicated sending IP addresses providing a high reputation, ensuring that the highest possible delivery rate is reached.

Email marketing campaigns with ReachOut App

Once registered for an account, the app requires to create an organization and as many clients as needed. ReachOut App allows to share the data across clients, so that multiple campaigns can have access to the same data sources.

Campaigns can contain an unlimited number of email, web, sms and print touch points; they can also connect to multiple data sources. All the configurations and data sources are fully dynamic and – by changing in time – provide a valuable resource to run long-lasting campaigns that include follow-up communications, new landing pages, personalized messages and more.

Campaigns are free forever for light users who don't require dedicated support or sending a high volume of emails and landing pages. The PRO plan can be purchased for each campaign – and downgraded at any time – providing access to dedicated technical and marketings support, as well as higher production limits and better volume pricing.

Marketing teams can begin working on the content of email marketing touch points and their configuration once a campaign has been created. We aim at supporting both professional marketing companies requiring complete customization, as well as brands willing to use high-quality pre-defined templates. We support Tailwind CSS for easy and responsive layout building.

Email touch points can be built from custom HTML, or generated from MJML for the best and most compatible responsive layout across all email clients.

Marketing email campaigns are made of multiple email touch points, pulling their recipient and message personalization from data sources.

ReachOut App's internal analytics provides valuable insights on deliverability, clicks, opens and conversions. Most importantly though, it allows to create filters and triggers based on users' interactions; an email touch point can be in fact configured to send to users who have previously opened a particular email touch point, or clicked a specific link, or any other combination of actions.

Leveraging interactions for Email marketing

Our data-based approach is a unique enabler in the digital marketing automation industry. We believe that users' data empowers to create relevant conversations around brands and, in time, has shown higher than average conversion rates for all our customers. The internal analytics tool provides aggregate metrics and information on each recipient, allowing to create user journeys where touch points are a direct result of previous actions.

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Since user data is so important in our email marketing approach, we have worked to build a platform that puts security and privacy at its core.

Our data center uses the best encryption at rest and in transit, and stores data in Europe in fully GDPR-compliant data centers. We also offer the option of hosting the user data in Switzerland where the Federal Act on Data Protection provides an even higher level of protection.

Our Enterprise customers can also require an on-premise user data deployment; an encrypted data storage infrastructure and secure API is deployed in customers' data centers, and the ReachOut App platform provides the automation and tools to deliver marketing campaigns.

Get started and free perks for early beta users

The platform will be available to early beta users in the coming months and we are currently onboarding a limited number of marketing agencies in our beta program. Early beta users will get credits for 6,000 free emails sent per month as a special thank you for helping with valuable feedback. Make sure to sign up for an account today, the free credits will be automatically applied to it once we launch and provide access to our beta users.