We are building a Swiss-based digital marketing hub

We are building a Swiss-based digital marketing hub

Reach Out Labs GmbH is a Swiss-based digital marketing studio and software company. We aim at starting mutually beneficial collaborations with marketing agencies and build ReachOut app, a digital marketing platform that will be a Swiss alternative to tools from the US or overseas built on the highest security and privacy standards.

Our team includes project managers, product designers and software engineers who have been building digital products in the Uk and Europe from its offices in London since 2012. We help our customers publish and run digital products including newspaper digital editions, e-commerce, web applications, administration dashboards, payment systems like Stripe and PayPal. Our customers serve on average 150M web pages to 150,000 users monthly and our organization is in charge of software development, infrastructure and product development.

We have moved to Switzerland about 1 year ago (sorry we are not yet confident in German to start a conversation, but we are learning fast!) with the goal to build a digital marketing implementation company for the Swiss market.

Our digital marketing team is working with the University of Applied Sciences based in Chur and we have already started collaborating with brands in the retail industry, real estate, publishing, finance and insurance. If you are a digital marketing company in Switzerland, chances are that you have received an invitation from the University to participate in a customer focus survey just a few weeks ago. If you entered your answers thank you very much, your help is much appreciated!

We are looking at expanding our market by establishing collaborations with implementation partners like you and we’d love to chat. We are specifically interested in offering our digital marketing platform to partner agencies starting from custom implementation requirements for medium to large companies based in your area.

This is how it works: Reach Out Labs is willing to offer access to our software, development services and web application / marketing campaign development services. We partner with marketing agencies to go to market, letting them handle the core of the communication and scope. We work as the backend team, providing consultancy and custom integration services through the agency.

As we are looking at expanding across Switzerland, we’d love to schedule a first introductory meeting over Google Meet, and potentially a face to face follow up a few weeks later. If you wish to be part of this exciting plan please let us know by subscribing to our website so we can contact you over email

We will reach out to you in the next few weeks with an invite to schedule the online meeting by picking the right date and time from an online availability calendar.

Let's keep in touch!